There are many important aspects of driving safely on Australian roads. One area that motorists often overlook is the role that tyres play in car performance and safety. Ultimately your car’s tyres are the only contact that you have with the road.

Here are some handy tips about your tyres that can keep you safe on the roads:

Tyre Pressure – Checking tyre pressure regularly is vital to increasing the longevity of the tyre and improving your safety levels whilst driving. It also assists in avoiding uneven tread wear and improving your car’s fuel economy.

Wheel Alignment – When fitting new tyres to your vehicle, make sure to ask your Falken Tyres Australian dealer to have the wheels checked for balance and alignment. If your wheels are out of alignment or balance, then the tyres will wear out quickly.

Right Tyre Choice – Choosing the right tyre to match your normal driving conditions will substantially increase the longevity of your tread.