The RI103 is a general purpose, all-position tyre for highway service.

All Purpose Light Truck


Wide Rib Tread Profile >

For sure steering and directional stability on free rolling trailer axles.

< Tread Compound

Provides excellent wear resistance, durability and handling at high speed.

Tread Groove Design >

Wide grooves and sipes for safe handling in wet weather.

  • Sizes and Specs
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    SRAU 6 DigitSAP DescriptionTyre SizeLoad Index (Single)Load Index (Dual)Speed SymbolTypeBrandPatternProduct OriginOverall Diameter (mm)Static Loaded Radius (mm)Overall Width (mm)Tread Width (mm)Original Tread Depth (mm)Design Rim Width (inch)Allowed Rim Widths (inch)Main ApplicationMain PositionMax Tyre Load (kg) @ Pressure (psi) SINGLEMax Tyre Load (kg) @ Pressure (kPa) SINGLEMax Tyre Load (kg) @ Pressure (psi) DUALMax Tyre Load (kg) @ Pressure (kPa) DUALMax Speed (km/h)
    259887[LT] 6.50R16 108/107M 10P FO RI103 TTSet6.50R16C108107MTTOHTSURI103JAPAN75434917613510.564.54.50 - 6.00RegionalSteer[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]130
    259895[LT] 7.00R16 117/116L 12P FO RI103 TTSet7.00R16117116LTTOHTSURI103JAPAN78136020014911.045.55.50 - 6.00RegionalSteer[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]120