The ST791 features unique zig zag grooves along with full depth sipes to provide strong traction in both wet and dry conditions. The optimised tread compound ensures long life with low heat generation. The sidewall protection band resists kerb scuffing to minmise casing damage.

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City Service Reliability


Advanced Tread Compound >

Resists the effects of tread scrubbing during operation in harsh city route service.

< Kerb Guard on Sidewalls

Protects the casing from in-service damage.

Zig Zag Groove Design >

Combats irregular wear and increases rigidity to improve handling.

< Full Depth Sipes

Increases wet and dry traction through the life of the tyre.

  • Sizes and Specs

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    Material CodePatternSizeLI/SSTypeProduct OriginOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Original Tread Depth (mm)Design Rim Width (inch)Approved Rim Widths (inch)
    287215ST79111R22.5148/145JTLJapan1064287198.257.50, 8.25
    303097ST791275/70R22.5148/145JTLJapan968276188.257.50, 8.25