Falken Augments Reality


The FK510 is the ultimate performance tyre, having won the 2018 Wheels Tyre Test and finishing in the ‘Recommended’ category from the CHOICE April 2018 tyre test.

The features of the tyre have carried the FK510 to such accolades. Features such as Adaptive Constant Pressure pattern design, hybrid undertread cap ply, switchback siping, variable sipe depth and 4D Nano Design.

“We wanted to find a way for everyone to really get up close and personal with each of these features,” described William Ng, Falken Tyres Australia Marketing Manager. “We also wanted to use a medium which was different because in the world of tyres, differentiation is the challenge. Every product is round, black and made of rubber.”

With the FK510 being packed full of technology, technology was used to deliver that message. Enter augmented reality.

Falken Tyre Australia has developed an app where any user – with simply a smartphone or tablet – can download the Falken AR app from their favourite app store and explore the FK510 tyre in a complete new way.

The app uses the device’s camera to recognise the surroundings and a virtual tyre can be placed on the floor. Users can then explore the life-size tyre and each of its offerings. Falken dealers also have various collateral which can trigger the animations.

“We embarked on a clear feature and benefit communication strategy, so the user would walk away from the experience understanding what the benefit is for them,” outlined William Ng. “With a gamified and animated approach – there is higher message cut through and engagement.”

Falken simplified the message by showing what each feature means, as William explains; “Adaptive Constant Pressure pattern design – that’s for better braking. Hybrid undertread cap ply translates to stability. Wet weather performance is from the switchback siping and the variable sipe depth means block rigidity for better handling. 4D Nano Design means improvements in the compound for better grip.”

The Falken AR app is through-channel; designed to be used by all stakeholders in the distribution chain. It is a tool Falken Tyres representatives can use to educate dealers, and dealers to use in-store, all the way through to any user downloading and utilising.

To see the app in action, you can watch the video here:


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