The RI103 is a general purpose, all-position tyre for highway service.

All Purpose Light Truck


Wide Rib Tread Profile >

For sure steering and directional stability on free rolling trailer axles.

< Tread Compound

Provides excellent wear resistance, durability and handling at high speed.

Tread Groove Design >

Wide grooves and sipes for safe handling in wet weather.

  • Sizes and Specs
    M-codePatternSizeLI/SSBrandFitment PositionOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Original Tread Depth (mm)Design Rim (in)Approved Rims (in)Usage
    259887RI1036.50R16108/107M (10PR)Falken OhtsuAll Positions75417610.64.54.5 - 6.0Regional
    259895RI1037.00R16117/116L (12PR)Falken OhtsuAll Positions78120011.05.55.5 - 6.0Regional