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Tyres must be changed when they are below 1.6mm tread depth across the face of the tyre tread area. Tyres should also be changed if they show any signs of structural damage such as pothole or kerb damage.

The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can carry. The load depends on the speed indicated by the tyres speed symbol, the actual maximum speed and any special features of the vehicle model under the service conditions specified by the tyre manufacturer.

The speed symbol shows the maximum speed permitted for the tyre under load as per the load index and the manufacturer’s instructions.

For example “101 Y” would indicate 825kg and 300KM/H respectively.

Correct tyre pressures for your vehicle can be found on the tyre placard located in the inside of the driver’s side door or vehicle owner’s manual. Tyre pressures should be set when the tyre is cold as pressures increase when the tyre has been driven.

Tyre pressure should be checked weekly to ensure optimum performance and wear life.

Please visit your local tyre shop. They are authorised mechanics who can adjust the tyre pressure while modification to your vehicle is involved.

Runflat tyres have reinforced sidewalls that reduce deformation in a deflated situation such as damage or a puncture. Falken runflat tyres can be driven for a distance of at least 80km at a maximum speed of 80km/h.

All tyres have a production code labelled on the tyre itself. The last four figures of this code show the date of manufacture, e.g. 3018 indicates the 30th week of 2018.

In the unlikely event of a manufacturer warranty claim, the tyre must have been purchased from an authorised Falken dealer and presented to an authorised Falken dealer. Tyre owners must have an original invoice from the place of purchase and return to the place of purchase to make a warranty claim. Claims are valid six (6) years from the date of retail sale. The warranty is not transferrable.

On selected Falken tyres we have any additional Guarantees which cover punctures or minimum mileage. Any Guarantee claims must be presented to a Falken dealer participating in the Guarantee scheme. Tyres must be originally purchased from a dealer participating in the guarantee scheme. Tyre owners must present their completed and up-to-date Service Schedule and original invoice to the original place of purchase to make a Guarantee claim. Claims are valid for the terms as stated in the terms and conditions from the date of retail sale, from a participating dealer. The Guarantee is not transferrable. For more information visit: https://www.falken.com.au/guarantee/

The difference between the two is;
A Guarantee is not part of a Manufactures’s Warranty program.
A Guarantee is a sales tool that helps promote the product and offers additional support that is promoted by the business; the business will support a guarantee within the guarantee period.
The manufacturer issues a Manufactures’s Warranty, which promises what the business will do to help if something goes wrong with the product within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

If you’re interested in becoming a Falken tyre dealer, you can submit your enquiry via this link: https://www.falken.com.au/falken-tyre-dealer/

Please apply via the following form. https://www.falken.com.au/falken-sponsorship/

Due to the large volume of submissions we cannot respond to every request.

Pricing is at the discretion of each individual dealer. You can find your nearest dealer by clicking here: https://www.falken.com.au/dealer-locator/