The BI851 is our latest generation drive axle tyre, delivering superb traction whatever the weather conditions. It’s tough casing and new tread design ensure even wear and top mileage for all your regional and long distance transport needs.

The 5-rib version of the BI851 applies to smaller sizes 205/75R17.5, 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5.

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Superb Highway Traction for All Weather Conditions


M+S & Snowflake Symbol >

Outstanding all-weather performance.

*This tyre is designed for severe snow conditions and meets the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) snow traction performance requirements.

< Extra-Wide Tread Design

Distributes vehicle weight over a wider surface which increases the stability and life of the tyre.

Tough, Durable Casing >

Outstanding for re-treading and re-grooving.

< New Pattern Design for Drive Axles

Lower drive-by noise. Even wear.

4D Nano Technology >

Is an advanced simulation and analysis technique that makes it possible to provide longer wear and lower rolling resistance by predicting rubber characteristics at the molecular level.

  • Sizes and Specs

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    Material CodePatternSizeLI/SSTypeProduct OriginOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Original Tread Depth (mm)Design Rim Width (inch)Approved Rim Widths (inch)
    325030BI851205/75R17.5124/122MTLJapan76420314.165.25, 6.00, 6.75
    325018BI851215/75R17.5126/124MTLJapan77621214.666.00 - 6.75
    325025BI851235/75R17.5132/130MTLJapan80523715.36.756.75, 7.50
    325027BI851265/70R19.5140/138MTLJapan87125513.87.56.75, 7.50, 8.25
    331027BI851A295/80R22.5152/148MTLJapan106330821.198.25 -9.00