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Falken is a flagship brand of high-performance radial tyres which was founded in Japan. For over three decades its name has represented dynamism, performance and natural elegance. Falken is a high-profile brand focusing on delivering quality products through continual innovation. Falken is a part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), which is the sixth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. With 11 global tyre manufacturing facilities, SRI produces tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and buses, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.


Supra Snatcher
A #BMW Z4 reimagined with Fast & Furious livery and Supra-style rear wing. Featuring Falken #Azenis RT615K+.
Which livery is more iconic – the Fast & Furious orange Supra or the Falken teal & blue?
#falken #falkentyres #fastandfurious #bmwz4 #jonsibal #performancecars #performancetyres #customcars #supra #streetcars

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Mark Trueno paint job for your new supra πŸ‘ŒπŸ» someone’s going to do it if not already done haha

I hope new Supra can be a convertible too.

I thought the new Z4 was the new SUPRA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The 2020 supra is not a true supra unless it was built by Toyota with no BMW shit in it aswell as the BMW engine.. A true Supra is built only by Toyota completely with 2JZ and fully JDM. If i wanted a 2020 supra, ill buy a legit BMW Z4 like that one.. Enough said

Had a CBR Fireblade custom painted the same orange....so orange it is!

F&F 1 graphic looks better πŸ€™πŸ½ I like how it has the BMW badge in the rear boot. Classic πŸ‘πŸ½

Mazda called, they’re pressing charges for Miata design copyright infringements

Only a fool would buy the new supra

The orange supra started an entire generation of car modding

Go fast and furious. Back to the first one where it was all about the cars, tuning, racing, and none of this action movie bullshit. We need a reboot.

Fast and furious orange

..But that's the 2011 BMW Z4?

Looks more like an s2000 than a supra

Leave that Livery alone

Why da fk is a bmw getting this paint anyway... It's got nothing on the movie...

No where near a mk4 supra

Omg stop bringing up the supra and admire a car haha

Falken teal blue is boss πŸ‘Œ

Fair enough! Hahaha

That looks like the old-gen Z4 to me...

Basically new supra lol

Marko Pupovac way nicer than the new supra

Nah the Dale Earnhardt #3 livery is the most iconic

Brad Aird not as good as our local racecar

James Fantham just a photo of an a90 Supra for u

@jamesdeane130 lands in Germany for this weekends @driftmasters.gp 
Reposted from @jamesdeane130 
#falkenmotorsports #falken #falkentyres #driftracing #motorsport #racing #onethirty

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I love Falken tyre

Me too

Alex Bain

Josh Crerar

Weird n Wonderful Widebody build by @vagueindustriesβ €
Reposted from @falkentire
.β €
#falkentyres #azenis #4x4 #toyota4x4  #4wd #offroad #yota  #toyota #overlanding #prerunner #Falken

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It would go like shit off a Shanghai. G

Josh Dittmann

Saw this on YouTube

Jake Williams-benecke

Daniel Flatman

Todd Burgess

Rhys Tyson

Daniel Hafner

Aedan Magee

Aedan Magee

Fil Nogueira sex

Eddie Hemings hoonitruck rip off

@jamesdeane130 grabs P1 position @formulad 
Reposted from @jamesdeane130
#falkentyres #falken #falkenmotorsports
#motorsport #driftracing #drift

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Tyres u can trust


That new tyre feeling. 
#azenis RT615k+
Reposted from @rsg_justin  
#falken #falkentyres #falkenmotorsports #motorsports 
#new #performancetyres

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Happy to test anything you want , custom built drift venue in Australia , JDM x park , also looking at competing again πŸ˜‰ good name as well James Dean Mardle

Ku Best tyres u can trust

do you no longer make a 295/40R18 tyre?

Love my Falken's!.

plenty of meat left.. launch it 🀣

FK510s ftw !!

Well done to Cathryn C, Kim G, Tracey W, Michael L and Scott S. Check your emails for more details on how to receive your tickets.

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Thank you. Very excited

Amazing prize πŸ† Thanks Falken Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

I said c3

New shoes for the #integra
#azenisrt615kplus #falkentyre
Reposted from @coopakaskip 
#Honda #dc2 #VolkRacing #Volk #TE37
#Azenis #RT615k #JDM

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Tyre u ca trust