The R3200 is a favourite for livestock transporters. The rib/lug pattern is designed for on and off road conditions whilst being suitable for all position use. It boasts excellent traction and improved resistance to cutting and chipping.

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Specialist On and Off Road Trailer


Kerb Guard >

Protects the casing from in-service damage.

< Cut & Chip Resistant Tread Compound

Comprised of a much softer compound that is flexible to prevent puncture during ride on rough terrain.

Tough, Durable Casing >

Outstanding for re-treading and re-grooving.

< Under-Tread Rubber Thickness

Protects the belt package and casing.

  • Sizes and Specs

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    Material CodePatternSizeLI/SSTypeProduct OriginOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Width (mm)Original Tread Depth (mm)Design Rim Width (inch)Approved Rim Widths (inch)
    258985R320011R22.5148/145LTLJapan105627215.88.257.50, 8.25