Falken Partners Drift School Australia


Drift School Australia is the leading provider of drifting tuition and allows anyone to learn vehicle control in a safe setting. Tyres are an important – and most overlooked – component of any vehicle, where their value is only heightened in motorsport.

Falken Tyres Australia has announced a partnership with Drift School Australia, supplying Falken high performance tyres on all their vehicles. Falken encourages safe participation in motoring and motorsports and the partnership adds value to all parties involved.

“Drift School is a great platform to have fun and learn about vehicle dynamics in a controlled environment,” explained William Ng, Marketing Manager Falken Tyre. “By providing the right tyres, it really allows for a better learning atmosphere for students as our tyres offer consistency and grip.”

Drift School Australia founder and owner Fernando Wiehrl said: “In my 13+ years of drifting at the top levels of Australian national series – as well as representing Australia internationally and everything in between – I have used many brands of tyres and know there is always the right brand of tyre to suit every application. That’s why I could not be happier to partner up with Falken Tyres for their consistent grip levels and their outstanding wear qualities. I believe we have found the perfect match.”

Falken Tyres is involved in all levels of motorsports from grassroots to world renowned competitions such as the 24 Hour Nürburgring and Formula D. Falken understands the demands of motorsport and works diligently with teams to offer performance tyres without compromising safety.