Falken Tyres Launches New Ziex CT60 SUV Tyre


Falken Tyres has further strengthened its tyre range with the launch of the all new Ziex CT60, which targets the burgeoning SUV and CUV vehicle market.

The Ziex CT60 is specifically designed for the SUV and CUV vehicle segments. Designing a tyre for SUVs posed different engineering requirements compared to developing tyres for passenger car or 4WD vehicles.

The Ziex CT60 compensates for the higher centre of gravity of SUVs with wide outside shoulder ribs for improved handling and stability. Using a regular passenger car-based or 4WD tyre would deliver compromised handling and performance.



Furthermore, many 4WD vehicles possess a body-on-chassis construction (ladder frame), as opposed to the SUV’s monocoque (unibody) chassis. A unibody construction vehicle makes for improved on-road handling, but has increased sensitivity to road noise, vibration and ride harshness (NVH). The Ziex CT60 was engineered to address these issues with an Asymmetric Tread Pattern, SUV Specific Design and 3D Canyon Sipes, which interlock the shoulder blocks to resist wear under load.

Falken has performed strenuous testing of the tyre in Australian conditions over the past years – from the red dusty roads of the outback to urban city streets – all of which have led to glowing testimonials.

Amongst internal testing the Ziex CT60 performed exceptionally well across wet weather braking, dry braking and wear life. The Four Wide Circumferential Grooves quickly evacuates water from the tread pattern, whilst the Dynamic Contact Patch and 4D Nano Design Technology allows for improved wear life and enhanced braking in all conditions.

To find out more visit: https://www.falken.com.au/product/ziex-ct60/