Falken’s AZENIS FK510 tyres receive top marks in the 2022 ADAC Tyre Wear Test


The Falken AZENIS FK510 premium tyre has been awarded top marks in the 2022 ADAC tyre wear test, which examined three summer and winter tyres from 15 manufacturers. Congratulations to the Falken team for winning first place in this important category.

Falken’s AZENIS FK510 has been repeatedly tested and rated highly by independent reviewers. The tyres have achieved a ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’ rating for its performance.The development process for the AZENIS FK510 was extensive, with the use of state-of -the art 4D Nano Design and Advanced 4D nano design to create a more durable product. This new technology enhances their safety by improving upon existing compounds while having less environmental impact than traditional methods used before it.

The results of this experiment show that the average person drives about 120 grams per 1,000 kilometers when they use summer and winter tyres. The ultra-high performance Falken AZENIS FK510 managed to reduce wear by 45 percent with a result at 115g/1,000 km.

“Our team in Japan uses the latest tyre development technology and consistently focuses on tyre durability and safety in addition to rolling resistance. We are particularly pleased that our development work stood out in the summer tyre category and we were awarded fourth place overall. This autumn we will be launching a successor to the Falken EUROWINTER HS01, which will improve its wear properties and optimise its rolling resistance. With this we aim for improved winter tyre results in the next test,” comments Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Corporate Planning/Product Planning.

The full ADAC wear test is available on the ADAC website: https://presse.adac.de/meldungen/adac-ev/technik/sportliche-reifen-produzieren-sehr-viel-abrieb.html