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ZE914 60,000km GUARANTEE

Not only is the ZIEX ZE914 made for Australia, we know it’s good for a minimum of 60,000km. If it doesn’t, we’ll give you a discount on a replacement set of Falken tyres.

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Here’s a handy sheet to help you keep track of your tyre service schedule: Falken Guarantee Service Schedule


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  • Terms And Conditions

    If your invoice was dated up to 31st May 2020, please click here.


    Terms and Conditions (If your invoice was dated from 1st June 2020)

    1. The Falken Ziex ZE914 60,000km Guarantee (Guarantee) is only available for Falken Ziex ZE914 tyres, and is provided in addition to Sumitomo Rubber Australia’s (SRAU) Warranty conditions.
    2. Falken Ziex ZE914 radial ply tyres are guaranteed to achieve 60,000km before becoming worn out at 1.6mm remaining tread depth. Pro rata adjustment credit will be given based on the percentage of tread life not achieved. The adjustment credit will be provided to the consumer at the time of purchasing a replacement set of four (4) new Falken tyres.
    3. The Guarantee covers any set of four (4) identical Falken Ziex ZE914 tyres purchased in one transaction from, and installed upon a powered motor vehicle by, a participating Falken dealer.  The Guarantee does not cover original equipment (OE) Falken tyres that were originally fitted to the vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer, any OE specification Falken replacement tyres mounted later, or any runflat construction Falken tyres. If the same Falken tyre is not available or has been superseded, a comparable product will be provided in lieu. If a comparable product is not available, a credit will be provided.
    4. Owner’s Obligations: a) Visit a participating Falken dealer to purchase and install a minimum of four (4) Falken Ziex ZE914 tyres, and complete a wheel alignment; b) Register your purchase online within 30 days of purchase; c) Keep the original purchase invoice; d) Ensure best practice tyre maintenance is conducted every 10,000km by a participating Falken dealer including a visual tyre inspection, pressure check and adjustment, tyre rotation and vehicle wheel alignment; e) Keep all invoices for tyre maintenance completed.
    5. Exclusions: a) Tyres will not be covered by this Guarantee if damage is caused by, but not limited to: i) acts of vandalism, fire, theft, abuse and neglect; ii) use in motorsport and non-tarmac roads; iii) commercial uses, such as taxis, hire cars, couriers, etc.; iv) mechanical and maintenance issues, such as wheel alignment, improper inflation pressure, incorrect usage, failure to maintain or rotate tyres, etc.; v) damage from tyre chains or chemical products; b) This Guarantee does not apply to vehicles with staggered tyre fitments; c) Tyres that are modified in any way from the original design; d) Tyres that have more than 1.0mm tread depth variance across the tread area. e) Any tyres from a towed vehicle such as a trailer or caravan.
    6. Service cost: all service/fitment charges, scrap fees and taxes to be beared by the consumer at the time of original installation and in the event of replacement under this Guarantee.
    7. Claim Process: claims must be made at a participating Falken dealer, by presenting the tyres mounted on the original vehicle, plus copies of the original sale invoice, and invoices for each 10,000km maintenance interval.
    8. Claim Period: claims are valid six (6) years from the date of consumer purchase or until the tread depth reaches 1.6mm remaining, whichever occurs first. The Guarantee is not transferrable to a new vehicle owner and the tyres may not be transferred to a different vehicle from the original fitment.
    9. Participating dealers: to find a participating Falken dealer, visit
    10. This Guarantee is effective from 1st June 2020. This Guarantee is subject to change without notification. For full terms and conditions visit
    11. Tyre registration can be completed by visiting