Hit and Run Drift Test Falken Tyres


Hit and Run went out to Wakefield Park over the weekend, trying out our entry-spec Falken ZE912 and our higher end FK453 tyres.

Before checking out their Falken tyres, they did some warm up laps with some no-name tyres. They lasted only 4 laps before they were tossed aside, due to delamination, seen on the left on the photo below.

“Straight away Pete started raving about the huge increase in grip that the ZE912 offered over the cheaper tyres, no-name tyres, that he’d warmed up on earlier. Pete’s car is a monster, making nearly 500hp with a 6L V8 but the Falkens fought the good fight – lasted for ages, and wore super clean.”

After testing out the ZE912 tyres, they moved on to the FK453s, placing them on the rear. Famous for his backward entries, Pete put our tyres to work.

“The 453 had crazy off-throttle grip and Pete threw some huge angles.”

Throughout the day, The Hit and Run Drift Club managed to get some great photos, showing off their skills and expertise, and achieving some impressive angles.

“By the end of the day we were spent and the cars were looking a little tired, but we were really excited about how well the Falkens had performed. It’s going to be a great year!”