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The Mitsubishi Triton is a big tough 4WD that holds its own against other popular offroading vehicles in the Australian market. But it also comes with the ability to perform well in the urban environment, too. The Triton’s 4WD functionality and tech is balanced with nods to city and hard surface performance which makes it a well-rounded, flexible vehicle. When you aren’t hauling a heavy load, it can easily run around town. But it still has all the power and torque you need for hauling equipment and getting in and out of tough terrain.

This varied functionality needs a tyre that can support that with varied performance. Whether you’re handling heavy equipment at the work site, taking your family to inaccessible fishing spots or just loading the kids in the car for the footy game, Falken’s Mitsubishi Triton tyres won’t let you down.


Mitsubishi Triton Tyre Range

Falken has a range of Mitsubishi Triton tyres designed with your specific performance needs in mind, whether on or off the road. Choose from highway tyres, all-terrain tyres and full off-road tyres.





Why Choose Falken for your Mitsubishi Triton Tyres?

Just like your Mitsubishi Triton is a unique vehicle, every tyre we create at Falken is unique as well. Your Triton helps you both on and off the road, when hauling heavy equipment or tackling tough terrain. Our Mitsubishi Triton tyres are designed to help your Triton perform each of those functions. And perform them well.

At Falken, we’ve designed an extensive range of tyres that suit the needs of your high-performing, all-terrain Triton, while ensuring a smooth, quiet ride when you’re traversing the urban landscape. From conceptualisation to manufacture, our Mitsubishi Triton tyres are created for the most inaccessible terrain and the toughest offroading conditions with all-weather rugged capabilities that ensure your vehicle’s functionality is never compromised.

The Falken team works tirelessly to stay on the forefront of mobility. We’re constantly innovating and refining our Mitsubishi Triton tyre designs with cutting-edge technology and innovative features. We want to ensure that they’ll continue to take you everywhere you want to be.


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Tyre Range



The WILDPEAK H/T offers a combination of superb dry handling and responsive wet braking on all roadway surfaces. Falken has optimised traction and control through the combination of a non-directional tread pattern, high-tension casing ply and stiff wide steel belts in order to provide stability and comfort for 4x4s and SUVs alike, whatever the season.

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Size And Specs

M-codeWidthSeriesWheel Dia. (in)Size DescriptionLI/SSSuggested Rim Width (in)Rim Width Range (in)Tread Width (mm)Section Width (mm)Tread Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Air (psi)Static Loaded Radius (mm)Revs per kmRolling Circ. (mm)Sidewall Type
3047132257515225/75R15 102S WILDPEAK H/T HT01102S66.0 - 7.51632259.1227717443324592181OWL
3047092357515235/75R15 109S XL WILDPEAK H/T HT01109S6.56.0 - 8.01702339.1235731503374512216OWL
3047012157016215/70R16 100S WILDPEAK H/T HT01100S6.55.5 - 7.01642209.1221705443294652152BLK
3046992257016225/70R16 103T WILDPEAK H/T HT01103T6.56.0 - 7.51722209.2221720443354562194BLK
3047292257516LT225/75R16 115S WILDPEAK H/T HT01115S66.0 - 7.017221312214745803454422263BLK
3046972357016235/70R16 106S WILDPEAK H/T HT01106S76.0 - 8.01792459.3246733443404492229BLK
3271592457016245/70R16 111T XL WILDPEAK H/T HT01111T76.5 - 8.01972469.3248750503354452245BLK
3046912557016255/70R16 111S WILDPEAK H/T HT01111S7.56.5 - 8.51942609.4261764443534312319BLK
3046872657016265/70R16 112S WILDPEAK H/T HT01112S87.0 - 9.02022689.5269773443574262347BLK
3281042256017225/60R17 99T WILDPEAK H/T HT01A(OE)99T6.51762248.3224707443234672143BLK
3262742256517225/65R17 102H WILDPEAK H/T HT01102H6.56.0 - 8.01802268.9228723513274622165BLK
3262752356017235/60R17 102H WILDPEAK H/T HT01102H6.56.0 - 8.01802268.9228716513274622165BLK
3047192356517235/65R17 104T WILDPEAK H/T HT01104T76.5 - 8.51902379.1238736443424472235BLK
3047172456517245/65R17 107S WILDPEAK H/T HT01107S77.0 - 8.51982479.2249748443474412270OWL
3046952457017245/70R17 110S WILDPEAK H/T HT01110S76.5 - 8.01872499.3250775443604242359BLK
3047152656517265/65R17 112S WILDPEAK H/T HT01112S87.5 - 9.52142749.4275772443574282339BLK
3262762356018235/60R18 107H XL WILDPEAK H/T HT01107H76.5 - 8.518823510.5237742503364512218BLK
3262772656018265/60R18 110H WILDPEAK H/T HT01110H87.5 - 9.521227010.8272778513494332312BLK

wildpeak at3w


The WILDPEAK AT3W is engineered for adventure, any time and in any weather. The tyre combines aggressive off-road ability and rugged terrain driving without compromise on the road. An optimised tread design combined with a silica tread compound enables the tyre to excel in three areas: wear, winter, and wet performance.

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Size And Specs

Wheel Dia. (in)M-codeWidthSeriesSize DescriptionLI/SSSuggested Rim Width (in)Rim Width Range (in)Tread Width (mm)Section Width (mm)Tread Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Air (psi)Static Loaded Radius (mm)Revs per kmRolling Circ. (mm)
1533104026570265/70R15 112T WILDPEAK A/T AT3W112T8.07.0 - 9.0756513354422258
1532385523575235/75R15 109T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W109T6.56.0 - 8.0735503274552199
1532382231x10.531X10.50R15LT 109S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W109S8.57.0 - 9.0775503564262348
1632385423570235/70R16 109T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W109T7.06.0 - 8.0736503304532208
1633104224570LT245/70R16 113Q WILDPEAK A/T AT3W113/110Q7.06.5 - 7.5750653474392278
1632387025570255/70R16 115T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W115T7.56.5 - 8.5764503414372289
1632387626570265/70R16 112T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W112T8.07.0 - 9.0778443464302326
1633104526570LT265/70R16 117Q WILDPEAK A/T AT3W117/114Q8.07.0 - 8.5778653594242361
1632390330570LT305/70R16 124R WILDPEAK A/T AT3W124/121R9.08.0 - 9.5834653833962527
1632382722575LT225/75R16 115S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W115/112S6.06.0 - 7.0744803454422263
1632383124575LT245/75R16 120S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W120/116S7.06.5 - 8.0774803584252353
1632383426575LT265/75R16 123S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W123/120S7.57.0 - 8.0804803704102437
1632384028575LT285/75R16 126R WILDPEAK A/T AT3W126/123R8.07.5 - 9.0834803833962527
1632390531575LT315/75R16 127R WILDPEAK A/T AT3W127/124R8.58.0 - 11.0878654013772653
1632382923585LT235/85R16 120S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W120/116S6.56.0 - 7.5806803714092444
16331047205205R16C 110R WILDPEAK A/T AT3W110/108R6.05.5 - 6.5736653424462242
1732386224565245/65R17 111T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W111T7.07.0 - 8.5750503374472237
1732386925565255/65R17 114T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W114T7.57.0 - 9.0764503424402274
1732387426565265/65R17 116T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W116T8.07.5 - 9.5776503474332310
1733104626565LT265/65R17 120S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W120/117S8.07.5 - 9.5776803594252353
1733104928565LT285/65R17 121S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W121/118S8.58.0 - 10.0802803704112429
1733104422570LT225/70R17 110S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W110/107S6.56.0 - 7.5748653494382282
1732383024570LT245/70R17 119S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W119/116S7.06.5 - 8.0782803634202380
1732383326570LT265/70R17 121S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W121/118S8.07.0 - 8.5810803754062463
1733109027570LT275/70R17 114S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W114S8.07.0 - 8.5823503804002498
1732383928570LT285/70R17 121S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W121/118S8.57.5 - 9.0838803873932546
1732390431570LT315/70R17 121S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W121/118S9.58.0 - 11.0880654043752665
1832387326560265/60R18 114T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W114T8.07.5 - 9.5776503504312320
1833104828560LT285/60R18 118S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W118/115S8.58.0 - 10.0799653704132421
1832387526565265/65R18 114T WILDPEAK A/T AT3W114T8.07.5 - 9.5801443594192385
1832391227565LT275/65R18 123S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W123/120S8.07.5 - 9.0815803774052470
1832383828565LT285/65R18 125S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W125/122S8.58.0 - 10.0827803823992505
1832387926570265/70R18 116T WILDPEAK A/T AT3W116T87.0 - 9.0829443724022489
2033832226550265/50R20 111H XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W111H8.57.5 - 9.5774503574272339
2033832328550285/50R20 116H XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W116H98.0 - 10.0794503644182390
2032388127555275/55R20 117T XL WILDPEAK A/T AT3W117T8.57.5 - 9.5811503694112433
2032390130555LT305/55R20 121S WILDPEAK A/T AT3W121S9.58.5 - 11.0844653923892569

linam van01

excellent wear resistance, durability & performance

Our newest generation of commercial tyres for light trucks and vans. The LINAM VAN01 offers excellent mileage, superb durability, great safety and outstanding performance on wet roads in all applications.

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Size And Specs

Wheel Dia. (in)M-codeWidthSeriesPatternSize DescriptionLI/SSSuggested Rim Width (in)Rim Width Range (in)Tread Width (mm)Section Width (mm)Tread Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Static Loaded Radius (mm)Revs per kmRolling Circ. (mm)
14331405185VAN01185R14C 102R VAN01102R5.55.0 - 6.06503015071974
14331406195VAN01195R14C 106R VAN01106R5.55.0 - 6.06663084942023
1533140819570VAN01195/70R15C 104S VAN01104S65.0 - 6.06553065002000
15333456195VAN01195R15C 106R VAN01106R5.0 - 6.06923214752105
1533141020565VAN01205/65R15C 102T VAN01102T65.5 - 6.5646.43015091966
1533141220570VAN01205/70R15C 106R VAN01106R65.5 - 6.56693114912036
1533141621570VAN01215/70R15C 109S VAN01109S6.55.5 - 7.06833174812077
1533141922570VAN01225/70R15C 112S VAN01112S6.56.0 - 7.06973234722119
1633140719565VAN01195/65R16C 104T VAN01104T65.5 - 6.0658.43084992006
1633140919575VAN01195/75R16C 107T VAN01107T5.55.0 - 6.06983264692131
1633345419575VAN01195/75R16C 110T VAN01110T5.55.0 - 6.0697.43254702125
1633141120565VAN01205/65R16C 107T VAN01107T65.5 - 6.5671.43134902042
1633141320575VAN01205/75R16C 113R VAN01113R5.55.5 - 6.57143324602173
1633141421560VAN01215/60R16C 103T VAN01103T6.56.0 - 7.06643104952021
1633141521565VAN01215/65R16C 109T VAN01109T6.56.0 - 7.0685.43194802084
1633345521570VAN01215/70R16C 108S VAN01108S5.5 - 6.0707.63304632159
1633141721575VAN01215/75R16C 116R VAN01116R65.5 - 7.07283384512215
1633141822565VAN01225/65R16C 112T VAN01112T6.56.0 - 7.0697.43244722118
1633142022575VAN01225/75R16C 118R VAN01118R66.0 - 7.07443454422263
1633142123565VAN01235/65R16C 115R VAN01115R76.5 - 7.5711.43304632160



Trusted by the pros to take on the harshest conditions, the tough WILDPEAK M/T is built to get you there and back whether you’re on the pavement, mud, snow or rocks. The M/T features Falken’s proprietary three-ply DURASPEC™ Sidewall Technology developed to sustain the most punishing off-road conditions. DURASPEC™ also features two high ply turn-ups that provide an additional layer of protection and durability. An aggressive upper sidewall provides additional traction at low air pressures on rugged terrain. The WILDPEAK M/T also features exceptional road manners thanks to an optimised variable three-pitch tread pattern and precision manufacturing technology.

Alternative Fitments Available
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Size And Specs

Wheel Dia. (in)M-codeWidthSeriesSize DescriptionLI/SSSuggested Rim Width (in)Rim Width Range (in)Tread Width (mm)Section Width (mm)Tread Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Diameter (mm)Max Air (psi)Static Loaded Radius (mm)Revs per kmRolling Circ. (mm)
1531894130x9.530X9.50R15LT 104Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01104Q7.56.5 - 8.5751503464432255
1531889931x10.531X10.50R15LT 109Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01109Q8.57.0 - 9.0781503594272344
1531893733x12.533X12.50R15LT 108Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01108Q10.08.5 - 11.08293784042474
1531893935x12.535X12.50R15LT 113Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01113Q10.08.5 - 11.08763983832610
1631890523585LT235/85R16 120Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01120Q6.56.0 - 7.5808803724082451
1631895924575LT245/75R16 120Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01120Q7.06.5 - 8.0773803574262347
1631890726575LT265/75R16 123Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01123Q7.57.0 - 8.0814803744062465
1631894528575LT285/75R16 126Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01126Q8.07.5 - 9.0831803823972521
1631894731575LT315/75R16 127Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01127Q8.58.0 - 11.0881654033752667
1731893126570LT265/70R17 121Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01121Q8.07.0 - 8.5805803734082450
1731894928570LT285/70R17 121Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01121Q8.57.5 - 9.0835803853952533
1731895529570LT295/70R17 121Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01121Q8.57.5 - 10.0848803913892574
1731890331570LT315/70R17 121Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01121Q9.58.0 - 11.0880654043752665
1831896328565LT285/65R18 125Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01125Q8.58.0 - 10.0833803853962525
2031897330555LT305/55R20 121Q WILDPEAK M/T MT01121Q9.58.5 - 11.0847653933882576

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