Must Drive 4WD Locations in Australia


Lucky for us this wide land we call home is abound with many off-roading gems from the tip of Queensland to the down and dirty corners of New South Wales. While it was hard to narrow our list to just the top four, we thought we’d pick our favourite locations around Australia that will satisfy any 4wd taste buds.


Falken’s Top 4WD Locations in Australia

Cape York, Queensland

Easily in the top 4 4WD locations in Australia and set against the backdrop of a tropical rainforest, Cape “the Tip” York allows for a variety of experiences from extreme four-wheel driving to riding the small waves of a corrugated main road.

Ensure you have a well-planned trip and pack your camp gear and fishing rod, then be ready to immerse yourself in the Indigenous culture along the way.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the saltwater crocs!

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

One could say this is the epitome of Australia: thick gumtrees and stony creeks thriving with native wildlife. For the driving enthusiast these are some of the most remote desert tracks with riverbed riding, impressive mountain trails and several of the oldest rock formations throughout.

This driving experience can range from easy driving through to the extreme likes of the Northern Flinders Ranges.

Victorian High Country

This location is challenging, but it could be considered one of the best off-roading destinations in Australia! With its renowned scenery and historic features, the Victorian High Country is best enjoyed by those who like steep ridges, numerous water crossings and limited camp stops.

While the land is not severe, it is some of the most technically challenging off-roading experiences that drivers can face. We can’t complain though as this lush greenery experience is one not to be missed!

Corner Country, NSW

Starting off your 4-wheel driving adventure in Broken Hill, this rugged drive will allow you to truly experience the Aussie outback! The 1175km trek takes you through some of the most remote and isolated areas as you immerse yourself in its picturesque scenery and Indigenous heritage locations.

If a self-guided tour of the far north-west corner of NSW seems a little daunting, there are 4wd tours available. Our advice is to also travel during April – October seasons as the summer heat is another battle on its own!

Ensuring that you have the proper preparation and planning will be imperative to your journey. Being fitted with the correct tyres such as our WildPeak A/T will ensure continued performance and durability.

We’ve created our list but now let us know what off-roading jewels you think are worth visiting?