Performance tyres are not for that long family drive


Everyday we are fitting tyres in Australia for very different vehicles. From 4WDs to high performance cars, we need to know the why and how of what fits and suits best. So for those out there with a performance vehicle, this post is for you.

Performance vehicles should always be fitted with a UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyre. It’s not about the tread design, but rather the overall construction of the case. Performance tyres are not made for big mileage, but rather the ongoing performance – the stability while driving and the ability to stop quickly at high speeds.

It’s imperative to know that performance tyres do not have a long life capability. Whereas the hard rubber compounds of say, a family car tyre do not have the traction or braking abilities of a UHP tyre fitted vehicle. You can’t have the best of both worlds, sorry!

Tyres in Australia for Maximising Fuel Economy

We also do get asked a lot about maximising fuel economy, so we thought we’d pop our advice in here as well. To maximise fuel economy, it’s quite simple: keep your tyre inflation pressures up! Under-inflated tyres take more power to push them along the road, so ensuring that you regularly check and inflate your tyres is key to gaining and maximising that fuel economy. You can thank us later!

Have any stories about feeling the difference in UHP tyres? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!