Reading your tyre

Tyre Wall Markings

Falken Labs is all about learning the 101 of cars, 4wheel-drives, tyres and everything in between. We thought we’d kick off our first ‘lab’ experience with quick-snap information about the markings on the tyre wall.

Knowing this information will help you to understand your tyre and will ensure that your next tyre or rim selection will be an easy one.

1. Tyre Width
This measures the maximum tyre width from sidewall to sidewall. This is measured in millimeters.

2. Aspect Ratio
Also known as the ‘tyre profile’, the aspect ratio is the height of the tyre’s sidewalls and is represented as a percentage of the tread width. Low profile tyres have smaller aspect ratio percentages.

3. Tyre Construction
‘R’ represents the way in which the tyre has been constructed with radial ply construction. It is rare to find a passenger tyre not constructed this way.

4. Rim Diameter
The number represents the diameter of the wheel width in inches.

5 & 6. Load and Speed
The number indicates the maximum load capacity of the tyre at which it can be safely operated, while the letter represents the maximum speed capability. This is always subject to the condition of the tyre, the correct fit and ensuring recommended inflation pressure.