Selected as Factory Standard Tyres for the New NISSAN X-Trail



Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. (CEO: Satoru Yamamoto) is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance FALKEN “ZIEX ZE310A ECORUN” tyres to NISSAN Motor Corporation for use as factory standard tyres on their latest model X-Trail, which launched in July 2022.

This latest model retains the “Tough Gear” concept that has formed a significant part of X-Trail’s DNA since the series made its debut while also combining this toughness with a whole new level of refinement. The new X-Trail features a more advanced second-generation “e-POWER” system equipped with a high-power electric motor and NISSAN’s own“VC-Turbo,” the world’s first mass-produced variable compression ratio engine. These technologies come together to provide a powerful yet smooth drive and an unmatched level of quiet. On top of that, the new X-Trail also features “e-4ORCE” four-wheel electric motor drive system technology, putting it at the leading edge of NISSAN’s overall strategy for transitioning to electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, our FALKEN “ZIEX ZE310A ECORUN” is an on-road SUV tyre designed to meet the latest X-Trail demands for providing outstanding drive performance alongside refined ride comfort. These tyres also achieve exceptional fuel efficiency thanks to the adoption of a tread pattern that ensures consistent contact pressure for lower rolling resistance and a lightweight design for greater all-around environmental friendliness.