Sumitomo Rubber Develops Tyre Sensing Technology


Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has developed a new tyre sensing technology. The ‘Sensing Core’ technology is able to detect road conditions, tyre load and other information by analysing wheel speed signals that are generated by tyre rotation.

It is not the first time SRI has achieved success with tyre technology. Over a decade ago the Deflation Warning System (DWS) technology was developed, which has been adopted by many vehicle manufacturers. The new Sensing Core is the next evolution of this system. It uses proprietary algorithms to detect decreases in tyre air pressures, estimate road conditions and adjust loads in each tyre in real time.

This advancement in tyre technology is another leap forward for the manufacturers of Falken and the broader automotive industry. This technology will contribute greatly to the safety and confidence of drivers and the progress of autonomous vehicles.