Sumitomo Rubber Opens Massive Indoor Ice Testing Facility


Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has improved the Nayoro Tyre Proving Ground winter testing field, by opening one of the largest indoor ice testing facilities in Japan. The Nayoro Tyre Proving Ground already features a compacted-snow test course and the new building will continue SRI’s commitment to research and development.

Located in Nayoro, Hokkaido, the new Nayoro Indoor Ice Field (NICE) is one of the largest indoor on-ice tyre testing facilities in Japan. It features a 100m braking test course as well as an approximate 30x30m turning test course. This indoor facility allows for high-precision on-ice testing regardless of the weather conditions. SRI will utilise NICE to further improve the performance of winter tyres and the manufacturing process.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries owns and operates three tyre proving grounds in Japan: Okayama Tire Proving Grounds; used for comprehensive tyre performance testing, and the Nayoro and Asahikawa Tire Proving Grounds, which are both used in the development of winter tyres.

NICE Test Facility Profile

– Start of Testing Operations: January 2021
– Floor Area: 3,000㎡
– Purpose: Indoor on-ice testing of tyres

Nayoro Tire Proving Ground Profile

– Location: 1996-1 Aza Chiebun, Nayoro City, Hokkaido
– Established: 1991
– Site Area: 870,000㎡