Falken’s Range of BMW Tyres

BMW is one of the most well-known and iconic international brands to grace Australia’s shores. Opening as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1997, BMW’s Australia brand has been bringing its unique, premium vehicles to enthusiastic Australians ever since, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Today, BMW plays an important part as a trailblazer for the automotive industry. It continues to be incredibly popular in Australia (including the hugely popular British MINI). It’s had good growth in recent years when the rest of the industry has stagnated or declined. And it’s nipping at the heels of Mercedes-Benz as the most popular premium brand.

When it comes to tyres for your BMW, you need the best. And Falken has the best premium and ultra-high-performance BMW tyres designed with your performance needs in mind. Created with innovative tread technology, our BMW tyres give BMW drivers the expert handling, incredible traction, increased manoeuvrability and maximum safety on the road that they need.

When you use our BMW tyres, you can be sure they will increase your car’s overall performance and enhance your personal driving experience.

Falken x BMW

Falken offers an extensive, well-conceptualised range of premium and ultra-high-performance tyres for your BMW. To find the best fit for your particular vehicle, use our search tool below or contact your nearest dealer. Our experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you might have.

Tyre Range


BMW passenger cars embrace a unique premium character, both inside and out, whether you’re driving the sporty hatch, or the more sedate 3 series. And Falken’s BMW tyres are the perfect equipment to continue to deliver on that high-quality performance.

  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 2 Series
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW 7 Series

BMW is synonymous with luxury. Falken’s new-generation, ultra-high-performance tyres are created with that luxury drive in mind. We deliver the ultimate traction on wet roads, low rolling resistance, decreased road wear and innovative optimisation for a smooth, easy ride.

Falken’s BMW tyres marry technology, innovation and performance to give you comfort, stability and safety that elevate your luxury vehicle.


BMW’s X-Range are SUVs that deliver muscular performance with supersized luxury, and in the last decade they have soared in popularity in Australia. Falken’s outstanding BMW tyre range has been created with the safety, comfort and ultimate performance of BMW SUVs in mind.

  • BMW X Range

Falken has conceptualised SUV-focused, premium and ultra-high-performance tyres that are the perfect equipment for your BMW. Featuring the latest in tread compound and construction technology, our diverse range offers advanced tread design for superior tread life, a smooth, quiet ride and a dynamic tyre experience that will optimise your BMW’s performance.

Whether you’re heading out on a weekend adventure, or shepherding the family around the city, Falken SUV tyres provide unparalleled driveability.


BMW has always been synonymous with finely-built, fine-handling sports sedans and coupes. And though its product range has expanded, its basic nature remains today. Falken tyres are built to support the powerful sports range of BMWs.

  • BMW 4 Series
  • BMW 8 Series
  • BMW Z4
  • BMW M Range

Your BMW sports car is a finely built machine that needs the equipment to match. Falken has taken cutting-edge technology, the latest in tyre manufacturing innovation and incredible design elements to create a new generation of sports car tyres. These are ultra-high-performance tyres made to support ultra-high-performance vehicles.

Falken’s BMW sports range of tyres ensures your powerful performance vehicle handles the Australian roads at its best, always.