Falken’s Range of Nissan Tyres

Nissan opened its Australian headquarters in 1972, where they manufactured cars locally for 20 years. In 1999 Nissan and Renault formed the Renault-Nissan alliance and catapulted the new combined company into the fourth largest automotive group worldwide.

Today Nissan has a significant presence in all the major world markets and a range of eight vehicles here in Australia, including the always popular Patrol and the new 100% electric Leaf. It’s also the only remaining car manufacturer that still manufacturers parts in Australia via a dedicated casting plant.

Falken has an extensive range of Nissan tyres for your vehicle. Running the gamut from premium economy to ultra-high-performing, Falken’s Nissan tyres are designed for expert handling, manoeuvrability, grip and traction to ensure that your Nissan is operating at optimal safety and performance levels.

We conceptualised and built our new-generation tyres using cutting-edge tread technology, innovative design and superior comfort features to ensure that you’re getting the best driving experience every time you step into your vehicle. And our Nissan tyres ensure that you’ll experience long lasting performance results that will take you into the future.

Falken tyres are an excellent choice for your Nissan.

Falken x Nissan

Falken has created an extensive range of innovative, technology forward tyres for your Nissan. To find the best fit for your particular vehicle, use our search tool below or contact your nearest dealer. Our experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you might have.

Tyre Range


Falken brings cutting-edge tread construction and superior off-road capabilities to your Nissan Patrol. Our Nissan tyres help you tame even the toughest terrain.

  • Patrol
  • Navara

Falken’s range of rugged off-road tyres are designed to help you conquer the toughest conditions, get you to the most inaccessible places and tow the heaviest loads. Whether you’re hopping in your Patrol for a weekend of off roading adventure, or heading up the beach for some winter fishing, Falken’s Nissan tyres support the performance of your vehicle.


Nissan SUVs handle beautifully, are incredibly responsive and offer Australian families a huge number of high-performance features. Falken’s premium range of SUV tyres works with your Nissan SUV to optimise its performance to be the best possible.

  • Juke
  • Qashai
  • X-Trail

Your Nissan SUV is made for adventure. And Falken’s SUV tyres provide unparalleled performance and handling to ensure you conquer that adventure no matter what it is. Falken’s Nissan tyres feature in tread compound and innovative construction technology that support your SUV wherever you find yourself. And our tyres ensure you can conquer all the action your life throws at you.


Nissan’s Leaf is a 100% electric vehicle that promises power with intelligent mobility features to give you a new generation of eco-friendly driving. Falken’s Nissan tyres are designed to support your Leaf for a smarter, safer ride.

  • Leaf

Falken’s passenger car tyres are engineered using cutting-edge innovation and technology to give you excellent traction control and grip, increased road use and longevity and the ultimate in performance capabilities regardless of the conditions. Our Nissan tyres will ensure your Leaf performs at its highest level giving you the ultimate, most eco-friendly, driving experience.


Nissan’s range of sports vehicles includes the Z series and the GT-R. Designed to bring you ‘more action’ and ‘less distraction’, your Nissan sports car offers powerful performance with advanced handling, ride comfort and safety. Our Nissan tyres are created to optimise those performance capabilities to ensure you get an incredible driving experience every time you step into your vehicle.

  • 370Z
  • GT-R

Falken’s ‘on the pulse’ sports car tyres are ultra-high-perfomers perfect for your Nissan sports car. Nissan tyres are engineered with innovative tread technology and cutting-edge design to bring fuel efficiency, better handling and superb safety features. When you ride Falken’s tyres, you’ll experience the best your sports car has to offer.