Falken’s Range of Ford Tyres

Ford has one of the longest traditions in Australia. In fact the first Australian-manufactured Ford was a Model T built in a repurposed Geelong wool storage warehouse in June 1925. Most importantly for Australia, however, was its creation of one of the most iconic Australian road cars of all time – the Ford Falcon.

Today the Ford range is comprised of 12 models here in Australia, from city-sized Fiesta hatchbacks through to the performance-focused, and firm favourite, Mustangs. But when it comes to the top choice in Australia, the Ford Ranger tops the list. In fact, in June 2021 the Ranger was the highest selling vehicle in Australia beating out the Toyota HiLux, the Isuzu Ute D-Max, the Mazda CX-5 and the Kia Cerato.

Falken has the widest range of Ford tyres for your vehicle, whether you need economical choices for your small city car, or high-performers for your iconic Mustang. Falken’s Ford tyres are designed with your performance needs in mind, including excellent grip, expert handling and optimal safety features on the road. And all our new-generation tyres feature cutting-edge tread technology, innovative design and superior comfort features.

Fitting your Ford vehicle with the right tyres ensures that it performs at its best, gives you the safety, comfort and ability that you’re looking for and extends your vehicle’s road life. Falken tyres are the tyres your Ford deserves.

Falken x Ford

Falken offers an extensive range of high-quality Ford tyres for your vehicle to optimise its performance. To find the best fit for your particular vehicle, use our search tool below or contact your nearest dealer. Our experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you might have.

Tyre Range


Falken tyres are Australia’s favourite tyres for Australia’s favouite off-road vehicle – the Ford Ranger.

  • Ranger

Falken has an outstanding range of off-road tyres, designed to support your Ford Ranger to work hard and play rough. With our Ford tyres you can be confident that you will get to enjoy some of the most inaccessible, but incredible, parts of the world, while also giving you the ultimate, thrilling off-road experience.


The Ford Focus is designed to be an agile, dynamic and powerful small vehicle that’s much more than a sum of its parts. And our Falken tyres are designed with those in mind.

  • Ford Focus

Falken’s passenger car tyres are engineered with your comfort and safety first by delivering excellent traction control, increased road use and longevity and ultimate performance. We bring together cutting-edge innovation and the future of technology, so you can drive your Ford Focus and know you are on the safest and most comfortable rubber available.


Ford SUVs include the Puma, the Escape and the Everest, and they remain some of the best performers in this SUV range.

  • Puma
  • Escape
  • Everest

Falken’s Ford SUV tyres are designed with the latest in tread compound and construction technology and work to support your Ford SUV to achieve optimal performance. They provide a superior tread life and a smooth, quiet ride with excellent traction and grip for a dynamic tyre experience. And our extensive range ensures your SUV can take on the challenges that it needs to, whether you’re near home, or out on adventure.


Ford’s commercial vehicles are focused primarily on the Transit range, though the Ranger is also a fantastic work horse. When it comes to pure commercial applications, the Transit has a wide range of capabilities, from a standard van with loads of space to the dual club chassis where you can move your crew and your equipment at once.

Falken’s wide range of van and light truck tyres will help you run your Ford commercial vehicles seamlessly, so you can get the most out of your business.

  • Transit
  • Transit Van
  • Transit Bus
  • Transit Cab Chassis


The Ford Mustang remains one of Australia’s best-selling sports cars of all time. With its iconic look, and cult status, its popularity is entrenched in our driving psyche.

  • Ford Mustang

Falken’s new generation of ultra-high-performance sports vehicle and premium tyres are engineered to provide excellent performance, better traction and grip and incredible safety features. We’ve created them to provide support to your Mustang, to ensure your Ford tyres and your vehicle are operating at optimal performance levels and handling the Australian roads and conditions at their best.