Falken’s Range of Mitsubishi Tyres

Mitsubishi has been in Australia for over 40 years and for much of that time has been building their cars locally – from the Magna, a comfortable and reliable passenger car, to the 2008 3.8-litre V6 380 that last rolled off the local line in 2008. Of course, since the 1950s Mitsubishi has been one of the most successful car companies in the world. And today it remains the seventh best-selling brand worldwide.

Today Mitsubishi sells seven different models of cars in the Australian market – including the popular Mirage, Outlander, Pajero, Eclipse, ASX, Triton and Express, their light commercial vehicle. Mitsubishi cars generally feature in Australia’s top 10 best-selling lists as well, including the Triton and the ASX.

Falken has an extensive range of Mitsubishi tyres specifically conceptualised for your vehicle. This includes luxury cross over tyres perfect for your new Eclipse Cross and more economical premium choices for your zippy Mirage, designed to take you from city streets to suburban highways. Falken’s Mitsubishi tyres are created with safety and performance at the front of mind always. And our innovative, new-generation tyres feature excellent grip, expert handling features, cutting-edge tread technology and superior comfort features.

Fitting your Mitsubishi with premium Falken tyres ensures that your vehicle will continue to perform at its peak, giving you a ride that is safe, comfortable and fun to drive. Your equipment matters, and Falken’s Mitsubishi tyres are quality Mitsubishi equipment.

Falken x Mitsubishi

Falken offers an extensive range of high-quality Mitsubishi tyres for your vehicle designed to elevate and optimise performance. To find the best fit for your particular vehicle, use our search tool below or contact your nearest dealer. Our experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you might have.

Tyre Range


Falken’s off road tyres are rough and rugged just like your favourite off-road vehicles. And with Mitsubishi’s tough Pajero, you need tyres to suit.

  • Pajero

Falken has an incredible range of off-road tyres from economical to premium designs. But all our Mitsubishi tyres are designed to support your Mitsubishi 4WD through mud, gravel and sand, or from the city streets to your weekend towing adventures. With our Mitsubishi tyres you’ll have the confidence to tackle those off road adventures you’ve been pining for.


The Mirage is designed to be sleek and compact to navigate narrow city streets and urban parking spaces. Our Falken tyres are designed with those practicalities in mind.

  • Mirage

Falken’s passenger car tyres are engineered with your comfort and safety at the top of mind. We create Mitsubishi tyres that deliver the ultimate performance for your vehicle through excellent grip, traction, manoeuvrability and longevity. Our tyres harness the future of technology, so you can drive your Mitsubishi Mirage on the safest, most comfortable rubber in Australia.


Mitsubishi SUVs are some of the most popular in the Australian market and our Mitsubishi tyres help ensure you reach optimal performance with your SUV.

  • Eclipse Cross
  • ASX
  • Outlander
  • Triton

Falken’s Mitsubishi SUV new-generation tyres are designed with cutting-edge tread compound and construction technology. With an extensive range from premium to ultra-high-performance, Falken’s Mitsubishi tyres support your SUV to tackle all life’s on-road challenges whether that’s ferrying the family to the football pitch or hauling a trailer on a camping adventure. Our tyres ensure a smooth, quiet ride with excellent traction, grip and manoeuvrability.


The Mitsubishi Express is ‘built to deliver’ and will take on all jobs your business needs to excel, whether that’s moving your crew or hauling products for delivery. Falken’s commercial focused tyres ensure that your business can run trouble free.

  • Express

Falken’s new generation of premium van and light truck tyres are engineered to provide excellent performance, better traction and grip and incredible safety features for moving everything you need in your business. Our Mitsubishi tyres ensure optimal performance levels and handling of Australian roads and conditions to keep you on the move.